About The Virts

Virtuoso (a.k.a The Virts) is a team of five guys from Singapore, a tiny country that’s pretty epic. Contrary to popular belief, Singapore is not a part of any other country, and is an independent little dot on the world map. Also, despite our strange accents, English is our first language.

To us, the art of card flourishing is like a dance of a deck in the hands. Unlike many others who view it as a skill built upon difficulty or speed, we see it as expression through the aesthetics of movement and form. Our medium is a simple deck of cards, and our hands bring our ideas to life. At Virtuoso, we share and teach the art of card flourishing through video, photography, writing, design, and through creating products that push the art forward.

The Team

HURON LOW (second from right)
Huron is a co-founder of Virtuoso. He is best known for his super slick style of card flourishing, his ability to teach the most knacky of card flourishes, and for his dual card twirl sequence, Firefly. Huron writes, performs, and teaches for the website. He also leads the team, and does Virtuoso’s marketing, directing, and cinematography.

Besides card flourishing, Huron enjoys magic, cars, and singing. His favorite color is navy blue.

Memorable quote: “Wow. Our stupidity turned out to be our smartidity”

KEVIN HO (far right)
Kevin is the other co-founder of Virtuoso. He is best known for his flowing and fluid style of card flourishing, his amazing ability to do the impossible with any deck you throw at him, and his spinny two-handed cut, SATWOMB. Kevin also writes, performs, and teaches for the website.

Besides card flourishing, Kevin enjoys magic, reading, and origami. We do not know what his favorite color is.

Memorable quote: “Hey want to hear a joke?” (To which we usually reply, no)

DAREN YEOW (second from left)
Daren (spelt with a single “r”)  is best known for his clean and polished style of card flourishing, his seeming mastery over every card flourish known to man, and his epic two-handed cut, Mockingbird. He writes, performs, and teaches for the website, and is also the awesome video editor behind all of Virtuoso’s videos.

Besides card flourishing, Daren enjoys design, reading, and go-karting. His favorite color is black, or he as he recently likes to call it, “Dark Shadow”.

Memorable quote: “I’m laughing because of an inside joke with myself.”

JOSHUA TAN / The Designer (center)
Joshua doesn’t actually flourish. However, his design chops make up for all his card drops.  He is best known for his clean and minimalist graphic design, and is the guy who crafted Virtuoso’s entire visual identity. He also designed the Virtuoso deck — the first and only deck designed for card flourishing. Yeah, he’s awesome.

Besides design, Joshua enjoys cars, food, and hates exercising. He claims to not have a favorite color, even though almost everything he owns is olive green.

Memorable quote: “Yes and no.” (His default answer to a yes or no question)

JEREMY TAN / The Photographer (far left)
Jeremy is a card flourisher, unlike Joshua, and is best known for his ability to execute the most massive card spring known to our community. Jeremy occasionally guest performs and teaches for the website, and is the guy behind all our gorgeous photographs, as well as the lighting in all of our latest videos. He’s pretty awesome too.

Besides photography and card flourishing, Jeremy enjoys working out, singing, and racing. His favorite color is red, even though almost nothing he owns is red.

Memorable quote: “I think I left my (insert object name) at your place.”