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VIDEO / “Flicker Shot” Multi-Tutorial Package (Performance)

Today, we’re proud to introduce our newest multi-tutorial package to you, Flicker Shot, or as some would call it: “How to boomerang a card behind your back and into your …


TUTORIAL / Morning Star – Slow Motion Card Fall

Morning star is a powerful card flourish that simulates a single card falling through the air in slow motion.

Rev 2 : Single Card Combos

TUTORIAL / Rev 2 : Single Card Extensions (Part 3)

In this final part of the Rev 2 tutorial, you’ll learn two ways to use Rev 2 to perform single card flourishes. The first is a slick way of extending the Rev 2 by applying its basic …


TUTORIAL / Rev 2 : Two ways to perform it with one hand (Part 2)

In part 1, you learnt the basic mechanics of the iconic Rev 2. Here, you’ll discover two awesome ways to execute the Rev 2 with just one hand.

Rev 2 : Basic Mechanics

TUTORIAL / Rev 2 : Basic Mechanics (Part 1)

The Rev 2 (One Handed Revolution 2), is one of our favorite card flourishes due to its amazing versatility and its countless applications. In fact, we consider the Rev 2 …

Rolling Charliers

TUTORIAL / Rolling Charliers

Rolling Charliers are a fluid and powerful way to perform the Charlier cut in both hands. While it appears that a lot is happening at the same time, the truth …

The Charlier Cut

TUTORIAL / The Charlier One-Handed Cut

Note: Before you watch the Charlier, we highly recommend that you watch the Straddle Grip – The Root of Skill and Finesse tutorial first. The Charlier cut isn’t just a beautiful …