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Deck Split

TUTORIAL / The Classic Deck Split

One-handed card flourishes are some of the most stylish and impressive things a card flourisher can perform. What’s even cooler than that? To perform them in both hands, at the …

The Straddle Grip

TUTORIAL / Straddle Grip – The Root of Skill and Finesse

Most people will skip this tutorial because of its apparent simplicity. If you want to be better than most people… Don’t.

The Icarus Sequence

TUTORIAL / The Icarus Sequence Tutorial Series

Welcome to the Icarus Sequence tutorial series. Designed for both beginners and veterans of the art, this series teaches you four versatile card flourishes and their applications, how to perform …

Flicker: Expanded – Closes and Combos

TUTORIAL / Flicker Expanded – Closers and Combos

In the first section of Flicker: Expanded “How to perform Flicker with Style”, you learnt the new stylistic concepts and techniques we now use to perform Flicker. In this second …

How to Perform Flicker with Style

TUTORIAL / Flicker Expanded – How to Perform Flicker With Style

After we published the basic Flicker tutorial in 2009, we spent the next few years developing ways to take Flicker to the next level. In this brand new tutorial, “How …

Flicker: The One Card Twirl

TUTORIAL / Flicker: The One Card Twirl

Flicker is perhaps the most popular and widely-used card twirl in the world (heck, even computer game characters perform Flicker). It looks pretty insane, but is way easier to do …

The Spring

TUTORIAL / The Spring

There’s a good reason why the Spring is the most iconic card flourish in the world. Few things are as impressive as a deck rising into the air, splitting into …