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NEWS / 6 Reasons Why Many Are Calling the Virtuoso Deck the Best Playing Cards in the World

When the official launch of the Launch Edition Virtuoso deck went live last week, half of the decks were snapped up within hours. Now, almost all of them are gone! …


CUSTOMER REVIEWS / What everyone’s saying about the Virtuoso Deck

Late last year, we took a pretty crazy risk. In an established playing card market targeted towards magicians and card collectors, we unveiled the first and only…


FAQ / The Launch Edition Virtuoso Deck

As the big day approaches, here are the answers to the biggest questions we’ve been receiving about the Launch Edition Virtuoso Deck, as well as the upcoming launch.


NEWS / Welcome To A Brand New Start

Welcome to our brand new Virtuoso website. As you can see, it’s small, simple, and there really isn’t much content available at the moment. Yet, strangely enough, that’s part of …

Virtuoso on the Discovery Channel

VIDEO / Virtuoso on the Discovery Channel

Last November, we published a short card flourish video on our YouTube channel, and the response we received from it pretty much blew our minds. Long story short, the video …