Flicker: The One Card Twirl

TUTORIAL / Flicker: The One Card Twirl

Flicker is perhaps the most popular and widely-used card twirl in the world (heck, even computer game characters perform Flicker). It looks pretty insane, but is way easier to do than it looks. It is also extremely versatile, allowing a card flourish to adapt it to his personal style, and combine it with many other card flourishes.

When we first published a performance of Flicker in our video “Style” in 2007, it immediately launched a trend of single card flourishes. Since then, single card flourishes have developed into an entire genre.

In this tutorial from 2009 that started it all, you’ll learn:

  • In-depth instructions that detail every step of Flicker
  • The two wrist movements that maximize the twirl of the card
  • Where to clip the card to increase the flutter of the card
  • How to use speed changes to make your performance Flicker look even better
  • How to avoid the core mistakes that most people make when trying to do Flicker


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