Flicker: Expanded – Closes and Combos

TUTORIAL / Flicker Expanded – Closers and Combos

In the first section of Flicker: Expanded “How to perform Flicker with Style”, you learnt the new stylistic concepts and techniques we now use to perform Flicker. In this second section, “Closers and Combos”, you’ll learn a crucial stylistic aspect of Flicker that most people overlook — the closer.

But why is that important? Isn’t a closer just the way a card flourish ends? Yes it is, but we think you’ll be surprised by what the right closers can do. As you’ll be able to see in this performance video, using a closer makes your Flicker look way more polished and slick. More importantly, these closers are the secret sauce we use to combine Flicker with other card flourishes.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn:

  • Two super slick methods to close flicker and return the card to the deck
  • How to use different closers to combine flicker with the Charlier cut
  • An advanced combination of Flicker with the TG deck flip that looks absolutely unreal.


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