Rolling Charliers

TUTORIAL / Rolling Charliers

Rolling Charliers are a fluid and powerful way to perform the Charlier cut in both hands. While it appears that a lot is happening at the same time, the truth is that this visual complexity is mostly an illusion. With the technique and concepts in this tutorial, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to perform rolling Charliers.

To ensure you don’t get lost while watching this tutorial, you’ll first need to learn how to perform the Charlier cut, and how to execute a deck split. From there, you’ll be all set for this tutorial, where you’ll learn:

  • The Charlier Speed Reset. A method to rapidly reset the charlier so you can perform it again and again in each hand.
  • “Reeling the Rope”. How to roll the Charliers in a way that complements the flow of your movement.
  • The precise timing to reset and execute your Charliers when rolling them.
  • Crafting the illusion of complexity. Using framing to enhance the aesthetics of Rolling Charliers.
  • Techniques for eliminating jerky pauses to maximize your flow and smoothness.
  • How to smoothly transition from a deck split, to rolling Charliers, back to a close.


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