TUTORIAL / Rev 2 : Basic Mechanics (Part 1)

Rev 2 : Basic Mechanics

The Rev 2 (One Handed Revolution 2), is one of our favorite card flourishes due to its amazing versatility and its countless applications. In fact, we consider the Rev 2 …

CUSTOMER REVIEWS / What everyone’s saying about the Virtuoso Deck


Late last year, we took a pretty crazy risk. In an established playing card market targeted towards magicians and card collectors, we unveiled the first and only…

FAQ / The Launch Edition Virtuoso Deck


As the big day approaches, here are the answers to the biggest questions we’ve been receiving about the Launch Edition Virtuoso Deck, as well as the upcoming launch.



The fifth in this wallpaper series, Wow, captures how the Adaptive Aesthetics of the Virtuoso deck instantly makes all your fans look better. With the Virtuoso deck, a single fan is all it takes …

WALLPAPERS / Exceptional


The fourth in this wallpaper series, Exceptional, captures the incredible handling qualities of the Virtuoso deck. To achieve the exceptional quality of …



The third in this wallpaper series, Feel, captures the incredible handling qualities of the Virtuoso deck. The moment you slip the Virtuoso deck out of its wraparound…


Change Feature

The second in this wallpaper series, Change, captures the color-changing qualities of the Virtuoso deck’s Adaptive Aesthetics.