CUSTOMER REVIEWS / What everyone’s saying about the Virtuoso Deck

Late last year, we took a pretty crazy risk. In an established playing card market targeted towards magicians and card collectors, we unveiled the first and only deck designed for the art of card flourishing. The response? Beyond all that we could have imagined.

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Of course, we were pretty worried at the beginning. I mean, we had done the polar opposite of the trends that everyone else was following. Where card designs were getting more complex, we simplified. Where everyone was adding more metallic foil to their card boxes, we included no foil at all. Where everyone was creating for collectors, we were designing for artists.

Regardless, we decided to take the plunge. Why? Because it wasn’t about ourselves, but what we felt was absolutely necessary to push the art of card flourishing forward. Thankfully, the artists in our community shared our vision.

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Needless to say, doing the opposite in an established market probably wasn’t a very clever “business move”. After all, nobody saw the years of work, development, testing and refinement that went into creating the Virtuoso deck. Little did we realize… The community was ready for a movement like this all along.

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When pre-orders finally opened last Christmas, the demand for the deck surpassed all of our expectations, and now, the Launch Edition Virtuoso deck is going for up to $50 on eBay.

Thankfully, you don’t have to resort to that. The Launch Edition Virtuoso Deck is now available at our webstore (and actually selling fast!). For more details, here’s an FAQ with answers to the biggest questions we’ve been receiving about the Launch Edition Virtuoso Deck.

But of course, the biggest question that remains is this: Did the Launch Edition Virtuoso deck meet the expectations of the artists in our community?

With the deck finally in our pre-order customers’ hands, here’s a collection of what some of the best card handlers in the world, as well as our customers, are saying about the Launch Edition Virtuoso Deck:

Tobias Levin, Denmark

This deck is just what card flourishers need! A deck that delivers the necessary quality and beyond – The Adaptive Aesthetics will make people take a second glance and appreciate the art of card flourishes more, it will be commented on when taken out because if it’s unusual and clever design – this deck will get your skills noticed.

The Virtuoso deck feels good in your hands and it will help you get better because of it – you will experience an upgrade and you will feel more skilled and accurate when you handle this deck. Experience your own skills pushed to the limits.

I think the Virtuoso deck design is the best design out there – it helps and improves almost any flourish you will do, it transforms them into something effortless, elegant and precise. This deck will change the look of your flourishes drastically, it might be made for cardistry but it will make your flourishes look like magic.

It’s important to have this deck out there – it shows that the cardistry community is moving forwards. This deck is going somewhere, it has the potential to become the standard flourishing deck – the one everybody goes to when they first start out and the one the more experienced flourisher goes to when in need of some of the finest quality out there.

This deck represents the Virts’ style, it encapsulates all the details and precision that goes into they’re style and image. You will even feel like one of them when using it! I like to open my deck playing the “reintroduction” music in my head – it’s better than drugs guys!

Oliver Søgård, Denmark

As a really devoted card flourisher, I just knew I HAD to try the Virtuoso deck – designed for people like myself.

Opening up the first deck and watching the back design come to life, was truly an incredible experience – even simple stuff began to look awesome.

I’ve actually had some laymen tell me that they reminds them of the James Bond intro, and that it looks like an alloy wheel when spun.

Ambrose, Singapore

Thanks to you and your team for taking this great leap and doing something big scale as this for card flourishing. It is special to own something designed solely for the art of card flourishing, this deck will be well cherished by cardists all over the world, both as a form of identity and the pride of our artform. For those who want to enhance the visual aspect of their card flourishes, and also own something specially crafted for the hobby they love, the Virtuoso deck is the only choice.

Jose Morales, USA

The first deck of playing cards specifically designed for the art of Card Flourishing is a huge milestone. It’s about time that the community starts focusing on the “tools of our trade” in order to present our art to its fullest.

We often take for granted our “tools” and try to create works of art. The problem is the foundations of our art is much more then “who can create the best card flourish.” It’s what can benefit not only us as a community in the present but also solidify a norm for the future. Sometimes in order to create art, we must go back to the most basic item in our arsenal.

The Virts did exactly that. They innovated the deck of playing cards for the modern Card Flourisher.

Henrik Forberg, Norway

A deck of cards is, to me, a tool. There to emphasize my flourishes and give me the opportunity to perform to my very best. Its versatility is therefore quite crucial.

The Virtuoso deck is like an arsenal of the most high-quality weapons you can think of. No matter your skill, they will leave you with the opportunity of becoming the very flourisher of your imagination.

The timeless design is not only there to be admired, but to highlight your flourishes.

A deck of cards in the true sense of its word.

Anthony Chanut, France

A few weeks ago, I received some decks from the Virts. First thing I noticed of course was the case. It wouldn’t be a surprise for anyone if I say that the box is gorgeous. Not only does it look awesome but the material it is made with is very enjoyable for the hands as it is smooth as silk and really makes you want to open the deck.

There has been a lot of hype around these new cards: first of their kind and designed especially for flourishing. Let me tell you that when I opened them, it was not a disappointment but a great surprise. When you have been into cardistry for a little while, many times the opportunity presents itself to open a new deck of cards and wonder how it will feel but very few times does it really feels different from any other random deck on the market. The Virts deck is one of these few revolutionary decks! As the feeling with these cards is completely new, I found it difficult to perform my first flourishes with the deck but after a couple of hours of handling it, it instantly became one of my top three decks for flourishing.

Why is the Virts deck so good for cardists? As far as the handling is concerned, it is nothing short of a performer deck: the fans are very smooth, the packets stay well together for aerials and most of all, it is so durable that it stays in the perfect conditions for flourishing longer than you could think. For the design part, everything the Virts say about the adaptive aesthetics is actually true especially for my style of flourishing. The court cards really pieces of art and the back design with its colors is really eye-popping.

My advice for any cardist is to get this deck and make the most out of it: perform flourishes as smoothly and fast as you can to bring the cards (and the special design) to life. For this matter, no best place to learn than from the Virts themselves!

Harapan Ong, Singapore

When you look at every artform or sport out there, all of them have certain “standard” pieces of equipment that seasoned professionals/experts tend towards, for various reasons. Rubik’s Cube enthusiasts have their standard brands of cubes, sport stackers use certain cups during tournaments, painters use their favourite brands of paint and canvas, professional photographers have certain brands and types of cameras they use.

For me, I think the Virtuoso Deck is THE professional “standard” deck of cards for card flourishing. It’s functional, it looks good and it handles well. What more can you ask for if you want a solid, usable deck of cards?

Let’s be honest – no one needs that many types of decks of cards. In the past, custom cards used to be a novelty that could be collected. Nowadays, at the rate they are being churned out mindlessly, the quality and originality of the designs of custom decks have really dropped.

I was skeptical at first when the Virtuoso deck was announced. I, like many others, felt sick of all the fancy playing cards being produced on various websites. They all felt redundant, over-worked and bland.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the design of the Virtuoso deck. I loved how the back design was made to vastly improve how your card flourishes looked. That’s what I was most impressed with – that it was FUNCTIONAL. It wasn’t just another deck touted to have “amazing, intricate, beautiful artwork by an army of hired designers”. The design was simple, bold and striking. It wasn’t intricate – and yet it looks miles better than any of the fancy artwork found on other playing card designs.

I was most impressed by how the geometrical back designs connect together when doing large displays. It really makes those flourishes look INSANELY huge. I remember seeing the photos of Leno Cut, Blockbuster and the Eye Cut, and thinking to myself, “Crap. So THAT’S what flourishing can and should look like.” I’m not even mentioning the card fans – those are amazing too. The red “fins” give the fans that ridged feel you would get from a Giant Fan, except you don’t have to do a Giant Fan.

The Virtuoso deck’s back design is striking, vibrant and really simple. It’s not over-minimalistic on its design – I liked that the design found the perfect middle ground between simplicity and functionality.

Tony Chang, USA

As a magician who is a closet flourisher,  I think having a deck designed for flourishes gives the art a legitimacy.  It is a “brand” for cardistry. A calling card for anyone interested in the art.  What I love about the Virtuoso deck is the reason it was created. It expands on a already massive market of playing cards by offering something more than a beautiful design. Function.

When I pick one up I immediately want to practice. Beyond the physical, it puts me into the mind space to think about and practice flourishing seriously. What all the small details add up to is a deck that has both form and function.  With one thing in mind. Making, feeling, and experiencing flourishing to the best of your abilities.

Allan Hagen, Norway

I’m primarily a magician but I still love the Virtuoso deck. The cards “pop” in my hands and the back design is so unique and interesting. It stands out from a lot of the decks out there.

I don’t do a whole lot of card flourishes, I mostly do magic, but for the few flourishes I do, a few simple cuts, single card flourishes, and fans, the Virt deck looks great. It’s interesting, because I’m a lefty, and as a result I’ve had to learn to thumb fan in both hands in order to be able to do certain magic things that require an ordinary thumb fan with pips. Because of this, I can create different patterns and looks when fanning the Virtuoso deck face down. It looks really cool.

I also think that when you pirouette a single card on your finger, the back design takes on an almost “hypnotic” appearance. It’s really cool and could easily be a great lead in to a card trick where the idea is that a spectator is hypnotized and begins to see things that aren’t real.

The deck handles great, even out of the box. It needs surprisingly little breaking in. The cards are soft and flexible. It makes them easy to spring and do other tension related magic moves, such as certain color changes, palms etc. When they begin to lose steam, I let them rest for a few days, and they feel great again.

The Ace of Spades looks great. One of my favorite AoS from any recent custom decks.

David Hoch

I just got my decks and they are amazing. The feel and fit of them are perfect. I can’t put them down. The back design is incredible. Thank you.

James Kelly

So I finally got my cards, and I’m glad to say it was worth the wait. I always had that tiny thought that maybe it would be a disappointment but it’s wasn’t. You definitely lived up to my expectations. I have 3 decks, opened one and breaking it in as I speak. They’re really cool, they look so big and bold. The faces are nice too. Overall a very good deck and I’m very pleased. Thanks for doing such a great job :D

Conor O’Kane

I just want to start off by saying that the Virtuoso Deck is my single favorite deck I have ever handled. Not only the Adaptive Aesthetics design, but the feel is perfect. I am so glad you guys made this breakthrough in flourishing. I was just curious about a couple things. What kind of stock and finish did you guys use for the cards? Also the box feels fantastic. What kind of paper did you use for the box? Thanks guys!

Arsh Shah

First off, I love you guys! Secondly, the Virts Launch Edition deck is by far one of the greatest decks for card flourishing. I can understand that everyone has their own feel and favorite decks, but this deck actually makes card flourishes even easier. Since the stock is super thin and extremely durable, every cut and aerial gets executed with complete perfection. In addition to this, the adaptive aesthetics magnify every flourish you do, and make beautiful pirouettes and padiddles. They are my new favorite deck and the definitely the sh*t!

I decided to preorder the Virts deck last Christmas, as I had faith in the Virts team, and I was quite excited about the features, stock, and other tutorials available with the pre-order. A brick of decks for $100 without shipping was a fantastic deal. It’s a beautiful deck, and I would recommend anyone with a basic interest in flourishing to pick up a deck or 12 and get learning from the greatest card flourishing community in the world.

Matt Jigalin

The Virtuoso deck is more than just a deck of cards. I’m a Youtuber that does mainly magic effects, so I’m not the best of flourishers. But it doesn’t matter. Even a simple card spread looks incredible with this deck.

The deck handles better than any deck I’ve ever handled. Some decks may look good, but they feel too thick or sticky, but the Virtuoso is just perfect in every way.

I live in Australia, so:
a) It took a little while to come; and
b) I’m very impatient.

Despite this, the deck was worth the wait. As soon as it arrived I wanted to go back online and order a few more decks!

Usually decks come with a few extra cards that you throw out or keep in a spare card box, but even the spare cards in this deck interested me, and I found myself amazed at every little part of this deck.

Eli Gallagher

My name is Eli, and I haven’t been much of a flourisher both because I don’t have the patience for it, and because I haven’t really found any use out of it. However, when I saw your new deck of cards, I knew that I had to get a few, regardless of whether or not I really do flourishes. But after receiving it and handling it, it is one of the best decks I’ve ever handled, and I’m starting to get into flourishing because of a freakin’ deck of cards! This deck absolutely could not be better! The back design in excellent and truly accentuates all flourishes, and the finish on the cards makes them flow like butter in my hands. Overall, I wish I’d gotten a brick
of these babies, because they are simply amazing. Nice job guys!!

Zachery Dobmeier

Thank you so much for my deck! It’s AWESOME!!!!! I have been able to put it down for like a second the entire day! I am practicing some of the card flourishes I already know as well as the new ones i got with the deck. It is extremely difficult, but that’s probably because of my hands being a little small, but like you guys said in your Tornado tips video (on youtube), the best and most important advice you can give is to practice. Thanks so much again for the deck! God bless all of you!

Samuel Aeikostx

The deck was beyond expectations man! You gais are the bomb! :D Love this deck to bits!!

Luke Boyle

Just wanted to let you know, the cards are an absolute work of art.

They look beautiful and feel great. I’m only a beginner when it comes to flourishing, but I’ve been a long time collector and I own A LOT of decks. These are (truthfully!) my absolute favourite. I really wish I bought more.

Also, I love the way the deck boxes form patterns. I am really glad the deck was a success. Thank you to everyone at The Virts.

Francis MacDonald

I REALLY appreciate how the decks were packed for shipping. Made it to Canada in FLAWLESS condition.

I am in love with this deck. I think I am going to be making this the deck I use every day. I will be ordering more if they are available for sure.

Thank you for being the ones to finally create this masterpiece.

Kestas K

Hey, I just wanted to say that I finally received decks and I have to say it was well worth the wait! (I received them about a week ago but customs charges had to be cleared). I’d say it’s my favorite deck visually, the design is absolutely perfect. Above that though, the way they feel when performing flourishes, I have to say it’s the best deck in my collection. I’m definitely gonna keep one sealed up for collection. So thank you for delivering such an incredible deck :)

Matthew Murray

I got my deck in the mail yesterday. First off, congratulations on a successful launch! I know how hard it is to do any big project and I’m thrilled to see it complete. Also, the shipping was really fast. Locally, I got this email on Friday, and the cards arrived Monday. That’s some of the best fulfillment I’ve ever seen.

On to the deck itself, I love the look of the cards and the way they feel in the hand. Pretty much everything about them blew me away, from the simple-yet-complex back design to the face cards, I’m really happy with my deck and I hope everyone else is too. I’m still a newbie to the whole card flourishing scene, but they make even my fans and cuts look that much more interesting (though of course no deck can replace practice). I was surprised by the lack of inclusion of jokers. I’m so used to any given deck being 54 cards, and only getting 52 here was a bit of a shocker.

In summary, I’m really happy to have these cards and to have been a part of the preorder crowd. I look forward to doing the deck and you guys proud as I improve at flourishing.

Samuel Eveleigh

I received my cards today and might I say, THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

I love them so much, thank you for the tracking number as well.

I love everything about them, and am really looking forward to all the other things you guys come up with!

Xavier Mulvaney

My packaged arrived yesterday and I’m very impressed, I was expecting to wait another few days, at least. When opened it up (plenty of bubble wrap for me to play with, thanks for that) the first thing that struck me was the box. It’s very simple but that’s what’s great about it, it stands out. I took the cards out and the same can be said about them, the back design is very simple but the way the colours and shapes go together is extremely eye catching, its the best looking deck I have by far.

Now, I’m not much more than a beginner flourisher but even I can see the way the design enhances my fans, springs, cuts, etc. it makes me feel better at moves than I actually am. The feel of the deck is great too, the finish is nice and smooth but not excessively slick like some decks out there and the cards are nice and springy.

Thanks for crating such a great deck of cards guys, I’m really looking forward to what you bring out in the future, both in terms of cards and flourishes.


I just wanted to say that I received my decks today. I bought three decks in all. I want to say congratulations on making such a great deck. It must have been difficult to not follow the norm and branch away to make a deck specifically for the art of flourishing. Anyways, If you guys are going to be selling any of the remaining decks once all the preorders are sent, I can’t wait to pick up a few more.

Scott Perry

Smooth like butter. Elegant enough to use in nice places, cool enough to use with celebrities.

Soong Chong

I have a passion for photography and playing cards. I am a collector of playing cards and I love taking photos of playing cards. What I have found is that most playing cards designs involves a new back design with little or no change to front face card design. What is usually produced is a deck of cards with the pips and court cards remaining the same. And usually a new design for the Ace of Spades. That is, until your deck came along.

I applaud The Virts’ bold approach. You have literally redesigned the whole deck and the tuckbox. Strong opposing black and red colours. A deck purposely designed for flourishing. A deck with strong bold lines which makes card displays stunning. The courts cards, especially the queens, are sexy and youthful. The Kings and Jacks are modern and just ultra cool! On top of all that, they handle very nicely. Thanks for designing a very excellent and unique deck of cards. I love taking photos of your deck and I love playing with them.

Hiap Chin Quek

Just received my deck and its is totally awesome. Worth the wait and looking forward to your future projects. Thank you.

Michael Swamp

We received your cards the other day and they are fantastic!! They can pretty much do everything I want them to do.

Ben Kolozsi

What I loved about the deck is its simplicity, but its not lazy. With full custom courts and a modern take they fit The Virts style perfectly. I had not heard much about the group until the deck hit the forums. When that happened I think the timing was perfect for deck sales and I would keep this in mind with the next production.

I would honestly would love to see a color variation with back and courts in blue, green, yellow..etc. The back design is simple enough to shift and change shapes slightly to make it just as unique as first.

Jason Wilkins

I love the deck. It is right up there as one of my all time favourite decks. It’s simple but just so elegant without being over the top. It’s at really great deck and I’m pleased to own it. I can’t wait to see any future decks you may release.

Charles Kennedie

Anyway, I have no clue how you guys pulled this off. The deck fans like a Texan Palmetto deck (they are very smooth imho). The cards are Stud-like and Split Spades 1st edition (Tally Ho stock) thin to the touch. Their stiffness is like Studs and Palmetto’s as well. In case you didn’t notice, those are some of my favorite decks. Tally Ho, Studs, Split Spades and mostly the Palmetto’s (pre-2005 edition).

Just amazing. I’m breaking these in right now as they have a very clean and sharp cut. Definitely Q1!

Great quality cards! Something everyone was looking for years back when I was still very active and handled quite a few decks.

Theo Medina

My name is Theo Medina and I would love to tell you about my personal experience with the Virts deck, but it may not be worth featuring on your website. So here goes:

The main reason I risked pre-ordering a brick was because you guys hyped it up very well. Now I have never bought more than 2 copies of a single deck before and I was considering getting my first brick since I just got my first job at that time, and you guys just so happened to send that email about making your own deck as a new project, so I took it as a sign that this deck should be my first brick.

Now after ordering the brick, my interest in card magic and flourishing started to decline. I felt like I wasn’t getting any better and almost stopped practicing completely. After 5 months or so, the decks finally arrived in the mail. I opened up a box and immediately tried to do a pirouette. It looked really cool. I also really like the custom court cards. I feel that the deck is just as good as it was hyped up to be and was definitely worth the risk and the wait. So I slowly started practicing again to the point that the first deck I opened was worn out and I used fanning powder on it. That was a mistake. I still can’t seem to get the amount of powder correctly and I feel that I have ruined more decks instead of improving them. Right now, I am still trying to get myself back into the art and the brick is a constant reminder that I have made an investment in developing a talent, and it would be a waste if I made nothing out of it.

So for me, the Virts deck is more than an awesome deck of cards with unique features. It is also a source of motivation to finish something I started. I would once again like to thank you guys for creating this deck.

Amos Hong

I received the deck 3 days ago. Been playing with it and I am impressed with the quality and design. Very smooth fans are achieved and it has a much softer and snappier feel than the regular bike decks. Great job guys!

Shua Millman

First off, awesome deck, awesome design, awesome box, and awesome flourishes!

I was in love with the deck before I saw it. I filmed a video with it almost immediately after I opened it up. (I didn’t really put much effort into the video, I have to say the lighting was horrible and and I really just filmed a couple quick flourishes, nothing special.) I got a few comments on the video, and almost EVERY ONE commented on not just the flourishes, but the cards themselves! Everyone seems to love em! C’mon, how often do you see people commenting on a flourishing video about the CARDS?

The deck did not surprise me in the slightest. I knew it was going to be top quality as soon as I saw you guys were gonna put it out, and didn’t hesitate to purchase it.

Daniel Peck

This deck fans well (Two color options on the fans is REALLY cool too), dribbles well, and there is a higher level of packet “clingyness” during two-handed cuts which I like.  Most new bike decks take a few hours to get to where they bind well for certain cuts where you want the packet to stay together.

I am looking forward to testing the lifespan of this deck, but I will definitely be a repeat buyer just from the visuals alone.

Harry Hill

The cards arrived for me yesterday in the UK and I am very happy with them, definitely worth the wait. They were exactly how I imagined they would be. I also like the manga cartoon take on the court cards, they are very cool (especially the queens :) ).

The only negative is that I only ordered two decks, so I will have to be very careful with them.


First of all, thank you so much for the decks, they are the first decks I’ve ever ordered online (I’ve always bought my decks at retail stores).

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your work, not only in producing this deck, but the YouTube videos and inspiration you provided me with that introduced me to the art in 2009. The first cardistry video I watched was probably your tutorial on how to do the spring, and when I started to learn it, I knew I wanted more.

With regard to the Virtuoso deck, I can only describe the look and feel as awesome. The handling is great, and the back design looks stunning in motion. I look forward seeing future versions of this deck available for everyone, amongst other things you may have planned.

Zaldy Zapata Jr.

My favorite thing about it are the compliments I get when people see it haha. Everyone I know loves how it looks and love how the box looks also. It feels really good and it feels like it’ll last a long time. I’m just iffy about playing card games with it.

Larry Zhu

I just received my deck from the mail yesterday and I have to say, it handles really well. It’s a joy to play around with, but I was disappointed to see that there were no Jokers, even if the deck is designed for Cardistry. Nevertheless, Virtuoso did not disappoint on the handling and design of the deck. My only regret is not purchasing more of these.

Chakkra Chak

Just to say that I already received my cards and I love the smell of them. They are just so beautiful, I was on card break, but now, I think I’ll train again :) Thank you for having manufactured something so great.

Bryan Grover

I will have you know that receiving your quality pasteboards today here in suburban Boston was by far the best thing to happen to me today. I do believe they are the best cards I have handled strictly for flourishing since I ran out of Blue Wynn playing cards.

Raymond Khuu

Great deck, looks much better in person. The dribbles look so much better than the pictures could show. The stock and finish is awesome. After getting some Tallys I was timid about the Linoid finish, but with this stock it works really, really well.

Duy Tong

My name is Duy Tong. I’m from Vietnam and I have been dabbling in the art of magic and cardistry for about 5 years now. I knew the Virts through various videos on YouTube and Bone Ho being from Vietnam. I took the risk to pre-order this deck purely because I know that the Virts know cards and through experience with magician’s decks (e.g. Dan and Dave’s Smoke and Mirrors). So, I know I was in for a quality product. I think the concept behind the cards is great. The design played alot into this idea. The back design is great for flourishing. For specific card displays, the back design really accentuates the geometry of the display. For different cuts, the design creates an illusion of motion, making the cut look better. Personally, I don’t do alot of flourishes but the quality of cards is more than adequate for performing magic. The Ace of Spades looks great. The thickness and stock of the cards is at the right amount. Upon the first time holding the cards, the card handled very well. It was very snappy and have the right feel to it. It was definitely worthy of money and wait.

Tay Ho Ming

I would say this deck looks simple, yet beautiful. And the moment you picked it up and start playing with it, it totally blew people away! Never ever seen such a visual appealing deck when being used for flourishes and/or magic performance. It’s like bringing the art to another level! To me, this deck seems to be very high quality, detailed and well-refined like another other projects that have done by The Virts so far!

Jeremy Lawrence

I think you did a really great job with the Virtuoso Deck! It’s now become my favorite deck. Although the design itself seems to be very simple it’s one of the coolest I’ve ever seen. Also the handling is awesome. Unfortunately I’m not that experienced with card flourishing but I think that’ll change really quickly. It was definitely worth the long waiting time.

Tran Quoc Giang (Peter Giang)

I just received my cards. Whilst I don’t know much about cards, from the get go I  can tell that this a beautiful deck. It handles beautifully and has definitely inspired me to spend a little more time practising cardistry so I can really make the most of these cards. Will definitely treasure these

Curran Murphy

I just just received my 13 decks and may I say Heaven in my hands. I LOVE THIS DECK. It is incredible thank you all for making this deck.

Balong IsGwapo

My Virtuoso deck just arrived!

The deck really reached my expectations and I was very satisfied with its results. This particular deck seems lighter compared to my other decks, it gives a lighter feel and look to it.  :)

The only thing is… Where are the jokers? XD (I’m joking… Get it, coz there’s no jokers :P ) This deck is too good for jokers and who need jokers when the deck is made for flourishing?

The long wait was well worth it! :D Can’t wait for the release of an awesome (and free) series of tutorials and articles! ;)

Keep up the amazing, awesome, incredible, great work as you inspire and encourage other people through the art of card flourishing!!!

Scott Ayash

I received my new decks in the mail two days ago! I love the cards. I have never felt anything like them. The coating on the cards is perfect for flourishing, and the design of the back is so cool!

Honestly, I am pretty new to the art of flourishing, so the only deck I’ve used (other than really cheap, low quality decks) is a casino quality “Bee” deck from U.S. Playing Card Co. with a cambric finish. It feels similar to the Virtuoso, but I just compared them side by side, and the Virtuoso deck is something different. The Bee deck is smooth, but yours is still smoother. It just feels nice in the hand.

The stock feels nice. At first I thought it felt a little thin, but upon second inspection, I think it is just fine. I think you all have put out a great product!

Ian Chandler

The Virtuoso deck is a thing of beauty. I got an e-mail from the Virts announcing a new deck and I wondered what all the hype was about. Then they released pictures of the deck – and I knew why. I preordered it without haste and waited for it to arrive. Upon cracking one open, I felt one of the slickest decks I’d ever handled. The finish is icing on a impeccably designed cake and allows the cards to rotate and flip individually while still allowing packets to be manipulated throughout complex cut sequences. They are designed for the art of card flourishing, and the Virts knew what a flourisher’s dream deck would be and designed the deck accordingly.

I am thoroughly convinced that the Adaptive Aesthetics design is a game-changer in the world of flourishing. The stroboscopic effect produced by cards such as Tally-Hos is magnified in the Virtuoso deck. It is brilliantly created, making a small pirouette into a hypnotizing spin, a thumb fan into angular architecture, and a cascade into a connected blur. Displays seemingly double in size and card twirls pop like never before. Artisans require quality tools with which to work, and these are luxury cards at a working-class price.

Both simplistic and revolutionary, the Virtuoso deck is designed for flourishing and meets every expectation. It allows every move to reach its full potential, taking the geometrical natures of moves and expanding them. If you’re into flourishing at all, get this deck. It’s an eye-catching deck with a silky feel that will not only make moves better, but also easier. It’s one of my favorite decks and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who loves the art.

So have we met the expectations of the artists in the community? Based on what on the reviews and comments you’ve just read, we’d like to think that the answer is a “Yes.” The response we’ve received is truly humbling and greatly encouraging.

The Launch Edition Virtuoso deck is Now Available

Don’t miss this chance to experience what other flourishers are already enjoying: a deck that is specifically designed for the art of card flourishing, one that instantly makes all your card flourishes look better. Do note that because pre-orders far exceeded our expectations, only a limited quantity is still available, and even those are selling fast. Order yours now before it’s sold out!

For more details, here’s an FAQ with answers to the biggest questions we’ve been receiving about the Launch Edition Virtuoso Deck.