FAQ / The Launch Edition Virtuoso Deck

UPDATE: The Launch Edition Virtuoso deck is now available at our webstore. Click here to go there now!

Here are the answers to the biggest questions we’ve been receiving about the Launch Edition Virtuoso Deck.

Q: When is the official launch of the deck?

The Launch Edition Virtuoso deck is now available at our webstore. Click here to go there now!

Q: Is the Launch Edition Virtuoso deck a limited edition deck?

Yes. The Launch Edition Virtuoso deck was produced as a small, single run. Once these are gone, they’ll never be sold again. (Your next option is to hunt for one on eBay where each deck already going for up to $60 per deck!)

IMPORTANT: As most of the decks were snapped up during pre-orders, we only have very few decks left for the official launch. Don’t miss this opportunity to get directly from us for $8.95 before prices soar even higher on eBay. Register your interest here now to secure your Launch Edition Virtuoso deck!

Q: Is the Virtuoso deck more durable than normal decks?

Yes. The Virtuoso deck is exclusively produced with casino-grade materials by the world-renowned US Playing Card Company (USPC). It is also made with Q1 quality, their highest quality control standard. This way your Virtuoso deck handles better, lasts longer and clumps less compared to most decks.

Q: What makes it different from other decks?

The Virtuoso deck is the first and only deck in the world designed for card flourishing. How? It has a special back design that instantly makes all your card flourishes look better.

For example, the lines strobe and create an optical illusion when you spin a card, spikes form and colors change when you fan, and the shapes connect to form a larger, more powerful image when you put cards together. To see the Virtuoso deck in action, check out these new magazine-style wallpapers, or see this product page with photos and videos of the deck.

Q: What if I can’t really do card flourishes?

When the deck is officially launched on 15th August, we’ll be giving you card flourish tutorials depending on the package you choose! The tutorials available are the 7 Second Pirouette, the Rubix Opener, and Squeeze Cut. The Strobe Cut tutorial will also be available for purchase. If you don’t want to wait, you can check out these other new free tutorials on our website right now!

Q: Can I use the Virtuoso deck for magic or card games?

Yup! They’ll look better too, as the card faces feature custom artwork of the classic numbers and court cards (queens have never looked this gorgeous).

Q: What’s the price?

Despite the increased demand, each deck will remain at $8.95.

Q: Where do you ship to?

We ship to any country in the world!

Q: How can I secure a Virtuoso deck at the official launch?

Register your interest here and you’ll receive a link to purchase the decks one hour before everyone else.

We hope this post answers your questions. If you have any new questions you’d like us to answer, do leave a comment below and we’ll personally reply to them!