Introducing the New Spring/Summer 2015 Virtuoso Deck

Introducing the New Spring/Summer 2015 Virtuoso Deck

Today, we’re proud to introduce the new SS15 Virtuoso Deck; a deck that continues to evolve from the SS14 Virtuoso deck with subtle yet powerful refinements that push Adaptive Aesthetics forward. Over the next few days, more will be revealed about the new SS15 Virtuoso Deck from its new features, to its price and release date.

To learn more about the SS15 Virtuoso deck, the available Cardistry tutorials, and to get early access to purchase the deck on launch day, join the Early Bird list below now. You will also receive time-sensitive email updates, be the first to see the latest photos and videos, and be notified when the deck is ready for sale. Due to the seasonal nature of our decks, early bird spots are limited.

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11/03/2015 Important Update: Early Bird List Plan B

Last year, we reserved decks for everybody on the Early Bird List for 48 hours before releasing unclaimed decks back to the public. While not everybody on the Early Bird List managed to get their decks in time before they sold out, we managed to help most people. This year looks to be starkly different, as we’re currently experiencing unprecedented demand for the new SS15 Virtuoso Deck.

At this very moment, there are already 4,707 (and rapidly increasing) who have joined the Early Bird List. That’s already 4 times the size than the entire previous Early Bird List, and considering we’ve just kicked things off, it will pretty tricky for us reserve decks for everyone for 48 hours.

What this means is that if we were to reserve decks for everyone on the Early Bird list right now, there wouldn’t be any decks left for the official launch. So here’s what we’ve decided to do this year to cope with the overwhelming demand. This year, instead of taking reservations, doors will swing open a few hours early for everyone on the Early Bird list before the launch goes public.

To avoid disappointment, please click the button below now to see if there is still a spot available on the Early Bird list. Thank you.


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