NEWS / Back in stock in less than 24 hours!

As most of you already know, the first run of SS15 Virtuoso decks sold out in a record 9 hours, leaving thousands of people waiting over the past few months for the new batch to be produced.

The good news is, in less than 24 hours, the SS15 Virtuoso deck will finally be back in stock!

The SS15 Virtuoso Deck will be back in stock at:

6 August, Thursday, 9:35 a.m., EDT

Here it is in two other time zones for your convenience:

6 August, Thursday, 6:35 a.m., PDT

6 August, Thursday, 1:35 hrs, GMT/UTC

Here’s a timezone converter just in case you’re not sure what time that is in your country.

Now, before you set your alarm clock, we need you inform you of two crucial things (just so nobody gets mad at us).

Crucial Thing #1: The deck is already almost sold out

When the SS15 Virtuoso deck sold out, we let people who missed out pre-order their decks from the new batch.

At this moment, about 76% of the new batch has already been snapped up. Basically, the SS15 Virtuoso deck is already almost sold out, even before it’s back in stock.

In short, to avoid disappointment, do be there when the countdown clock on the order page hits zero.

If you’re worried about missing the time, click the button below to join the notification list. We’ll email you the moment the doors fly open!

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Crucial Thing #2: Flicker Shot Multi-Tutorial Package

Along with the new batch of Virtuoso decks, the new Flicker Shot multi-tutorial package is finally ready as well!

It teaches you how to boomerang a card behind your back and into your other hand… just like in our viral video, Air Time. Check out the trailer below.

It’s a downloadable 10 video package spanning 67 minutes, and we think you’ll absolutely love it. In fact, you might love the sound effects too (you’ll get it when you watch the trailer).

Please note that this tutorial is currently only available as an add-on when you purchase the Virtuoso deck, and not sold anywhere else on our website. It’s already a steal at $9.95, but purchase 5 or more SS15 Virtuoso decks, and we’ll even include it in your order as a gift!

Crucial Thing #3 Discovery Channel Virt Documentary 

The SS15 Virtuoso deck isn’t the only thing released in less than 24 hours time. The new Discovery Channel documentary on Virtuoso will be airing on TV tomorrow as well.

Here’s why this is crucial:

Discovery Channel Asia has over 220 million viewers. This means we have no clue what will happen the moment their viewers start pouring into our website, but I figured I’d give you a heads up just in case.

Anyway, if you’ve got Discovery Channel Asia, be sure to watch it. It’s the first documentary ever made about Cardistry, and it gives you a behind the scenes peek of what goes on in our five-man team. I’m super excited for it.

So here’s what to do right now. Take a second to join our notification list by clicking the button below, and we’ll notify you the moment the decks are back in stock.

In the meantime, keep your eyes on the lookout for any updates from us coming your way!

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