NEWS / Welcome To A Brand New Start

Welcome to our brand new Virtuoso website. As you can see, it’s small, simple, and there really isn’t much content available at the moment. Yet, strangely enough, that’s part of the excitement of it all.

Why? Well, because we’re here together, at the start of something new for our art.

Sure, we have been around for the last decade; Virtuoso is not a new name to the community by any means. But the fact is, until now, we have never created a website that we can call our home. If you’ve followed us for years, you’ll know that our work is typically published on YouTube, Facebook, or on temporary websites centered around the online cardistry events we organize.

So why the new website? Because we’ve never been more clear about the direction in which we wish to take the art, and we feel that the community has never been more ready for it.

The brick-laying and water-testing began sometime last year, beginning with Test Room — the first video we’ve created to ever go viral. From there, we introduced the community to the Virtuoso deck — the first and only deck designed for card flourishing. The responses for both these projects surpassed our expectations in every way possible, and we’re pleased to say that this truly is just the beginning.

So what can you expect?

Well first of all, you can expect new videos to be released over the next few months. We’re definitely creating more videos like Test Room, and we have a series of awesome free tutorials lined up for you. To everyone who has been waiting for episode 2, we’re going to bring Virt TV back as soon as we can. (And here’s a little secret: we are working on new projects that will blow your mind like the Virtuoso deck did. )

When will everything be out?

We wish we could give you a set date, but all we can as is that we’re working flat out, as quickly as we can. All these things take time, and  we’re currently just a very small team with few resources. Regardless, there is one thing that we can say with absolute confidence:

Every step will be worth the wait.

With that, I welcome you once again to the humble beginnings of our brand new website. I would ask for your continued patience and support, but you guys are already the coolest and most supportive fans that anyone could ask for. So thank you for being here at this new beginning with us, and I hope that you are just as excited as we are.

For now, have a look around, share this website with your friends, and remember this day; for nothing will look this way again from this point forward.

Huron Low
The Virts