Rev 2 : Basic Mechanics

TUTORIAL / Rev 2 : Basic Mechanics (Part 1)

The Rev 2 (One Handed Revolution 2), is one of our favorite card flourishes due to its amazing versatility and its countless applications. In fact, we consider the Rev 2 to be so essential, that we utilize its unique mechanics in many of our signature card flourishes. Learn Rev 2 well, and you’ll be able to learn our most powerful card flourishes with far greater ease.

In the first of this four-part tutorial, you’ll be taught the core mechanics of the Rev 2, equipping you with a powerful utility that seamlessly blends with other card flourishes such as one-handed cuts and single card twirls.

You will also learn our personal refinements and developments for the Rev 2, including technical subtleties and nuances that have never been published before, including:

  • In-depth instructions from multiple angles that detail every step of Rev 2
  • How to clip the flipping packet so that you have maximum control and freedom of movement
  • Why most people get stuck halfway while flipping the packet, and a simple way to instantly overcome it
  • A technique for locking the flipping packet in place to keep it neat as it twirls
  • A small shift in finger position that dramatically improves the stability of the flipping packet.
  • An “invisible” technique that prevent your cards from sliding off the bottom packet as you flip the top packet
  • How to blend motions using your thumb to seamlessly transition from the first flip to the second
  • How to maintain stability while executing the second clip
  • How prevent your thumb from sliding a card out as you end the cut

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