The Straddle Grip

TUTORIAL / Straddle Grip – The Root of Skill and Finesse

NOTE: Most people will skip this tutorial because of its apparent simplicity. If you want to be better than most people… don’t.

We can often tell how good a card flourisher is just by looking at the way he holds a deck. A quick glimpse alone gives us a very good idea of his level of comfort, how long he has been flourishing for, and even what his flourishes will look like.

How? All card flourishes begins with a connection between your hands and the deck. This connection is called a “grip”, and it determines how precisely you can feel and control each card in the deck. This, in turn, affects how good (or bad) you eventually become.

The Straddle Grip is the most essential and commonly used grip in all of card flourishing. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most poorly-taught and misunderstood grips. In this tutorial, which goes far beyond the surface of how to simply hold the cards, you will learn:

  • Why there are not just one, but two main ways to do a straddle grip, and the types of card flourishes each is used for.
  • How to avoid the common mistakes people make when holding a deck in Straddle Grip, and a fool-proof way to quickly get into the right positions.
  • The little details. These include the exact spots on the deck to grip, the depth of your fingers in contact with the deck, the amount of space to leave under the deck, and the additional point of stability that most people don’t know about.
  • Our unique technique to rapidly shift from one Straddle Grip to another for smooth transitions.

Use this tutorial to master the straddle grip, and it’ll take you much further in the art that you can imagine. Enjoy.

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