The Charlier Cut

TUTORIAL / The Charlier One-Handed Cut

Note: Before you watch the Charlier, we highly recommend that you watch the Straddle Grip – The Root of Skill and Finesse tutorial first.

The Charlier cut isn’t just a beautiful one-handed cut. It’s also a foundational card flourish. That means that after this tutorial, you won’t just have an awesome one-handed cut in your arsenal; you’ll also find that learning other one-handed cuts becomes way, way, easier.

In this tutorial of The Charlier Cut, you’ll learn our personal refinements garnered from years of practicing, performing and teaching the move. We’ve extracted the biggest problems that most people face with the cut, and provided easy solutions for each one of them. This way, the Charlier not only looks better than ever; it’s also far easier to learn and perform. You’ll learn:

  • Every detail and step required to learn the Charlier card flourish
  • A simple concept that immediately destroys the problems most people have with “small hand size”
  • How performing the Charlier in 4 steps instead of 3 can make it appear smoother
  • How a small change in the angle of your wrist greatly affects your ability do the cut
  • The correct way to drop the first packet, so that you have ample space to kick it up
  • How to prevent the common issue of a packet sliding down your fingers in the middle of the cut
  • How to close the Charlier without getting your index finger caught between the packets

Watch the previous section, Straddle Grip – The Root of Skill and Finesse. Watch the next section, Rolling Charliers – How to do Charliers in both hands at the same time.