The Icarus Sequence

TUTORIAL / The Icarus Sequence Tutorial Series

Welcome to the Icarus Sequence tutorial series. Designed for both beginners and veterans of the art, this series teaches you four versatile card flourishes and their applications, how to perform them with style, and how to combine them to form the powerful Icarus Sequence. Watch the performance of the Icarus Sequence and everything you’re going to learn in the video above.

For beginners, the Icarus Sequence tutorial series is an intricate introduction the art, shared through our personal handlings of some of the most essential card flourishes.

For veterans, the Icarus Sequence offers advanced layers of refinement for moves that many consider “basic”. It also shares brand new applications using these moves, and gives an introduction to how a card flourish routine can be designed and performed.

Learn The Icarus Sequence:

  1. Flicker one card twirl
  2. Charlier cut
  3. One-Handed Revolution 2 Cut
  4. Morning Star slow motion card fall
  5. Sequencing (coming soon)