The Spring

TUTORIAL / The Spring

There’s a good reason why the Spring is the most iconic card flourish in the world. Few things are as impressive as a deck rising into the air, splitting into a massive pillar of cards, and swiftly returning to your hands…all in a single sweeping motion. It’s pretty much the definition of badass.

It might seem impossible, but the spring can be done with just about any deck of cards, anywhere. Furthermore, with the right technique, it’s one of the least challenging card flourishes to pick up. Here at Virtuoso, we’ve re-invented the classic technique of the spring, making it easier than ever for you to perform massive springs.

In this card flourish tutorial, you’ll learn:

  • Every step and detail you need to perform the spring card flourish
  • Our non-traditional and unique grip for the spring that give your fingers strength yet precise control over each card
  • Why the classic technique causes cards to fly everywhere, and our unique method of shooting the cards so they stay under your control.
  • A simple fix that corrects the common frustration of the cards shooting towards your body, so you can easily shoot the cards into your other hand.
  • The exact sound to look out for when performing a spring.
  • The “cradle” technique to catch the cards cleanly in your other hand.
  • The hand motions and timing to extend your spring and make it massive.