VIDEO / The SS15 Virtuoso Deck: The Price and a Big Surprise

Today, we’re going to answer the big question:

“What’s the price of the SS15 Virtuoso deck?”

Before we answer that, we’d like to say that we’re aware that many of you are concerned due to the Launch Edition Virtuoso deck now going for up to $60 on eBay, and auctions for last year’s SS14 Virtuoso deck soaring up to $300 a deck.

The good news is, while we’ve made powerful improvements to the new SS15 Virtuoso deck, we do not intend for the deck to be anywhere near $50, or even $15. We believe a deck should be purchased to be used and not merely collected.

So how much will it be? Well, the Launch Edition Virtuoso deck retailed at $8.95 on our website, and last year’s SS14 Virtuoso deck at $9.95. This logically makes the new SS15 Virtuoso deck at least $10.95.


Instead of raising the price, we’ve decided to keep the SS15 Virtuoso deck at $9.95.

Why? Because rather than spending a ton on a single deck and feeling hesitant to use it, we’d rather you be able to get more decks at a reasonable price so you can actually use them.

In short, we love you. In fact, we love you so much, that we have another surprise that takes this to the next level. You see, it’s our 10th anniversary this year, and to celebrate, we’ve decided to do something crazy for you.

And it’s called…

The Virtuoso 10th Anniversary Giveaway

A few weeks ago, we held a private launch of the SS15 Virtuoso deck in Singapore. The event turned out to be the biggest Cardistry event ever with over 72 cardists present (not including ourselves). You can check it out in the short event video below.

Why am I telling you about this event? Well, it’s because of the big surprise we announced to everyone there.

During the event, we celebrated our 10th anniversary by giving every single person there a very special gift… one brand new SS15 Virtuoso deck each. For free. No purchase required.

Now if you feel like you missed out, don’t worry. Why? Because today, we’d like to celebrate our 10th anniversary by doing the same for you.

Yeap. For 5 days following the launch, we’ll be giving everybody one SS15 Virtuoso deck each, as a gift. 

For free. No purchase required, no strings attached. Of course, if you’d like, you can add more decks to your order and get our latest and best Cardistry tutorials as add-ons as well.

However, you don’t have to buy anything from us to qualify for this free deck. You can just claim your free deck and walk away. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve already pre-ordered the deck from your local dealer. We welcome everybody to be a part of our celebrations and grab another from us, on us.

The only thing we ask that you help us with, is shipping cost.

As you can imagine, this giveaway will cost us a lot of money. And as you probably know by now, we’re a small team with limited resources.

So all we ask is that you help us give this deck to you, by helping us deliver it to you.

Sounds fair? Cool.

Why are we giving our best deck away?

We’re giving a deck to you for these five simple reasons:

  1. We want to give back to the community and the art.
    It’s our 10th anniversary, and we thought it’d be a crazy (fun) way to celebrate it with all of you. And what better way to do that than with the first and only deck designed for Cardistry?
  2. We want our deck to be accessible to anybody out there.
    Giving away one deck for free and charging only for shipping costs (we make no money from this either) puts this deck within reach of the vast majority of people. It’s not too expensive even for the humblest beginner.
  3. We want to make it easier for everyone to delve deeper into Cardistry.
    We figure if you’re even just curious about the fascinating art of Cardistry, you’d be willing to invest in the small shipping amount and get a deck for yourself, and perhaps some of our tutorials as add-ons too.
  4. We want you to experience the best deck for Cardistry for yourself.
    We’re not about hype. We’re about giving you the best possible experience in the Cardistry industry. That’s why rather than try to convince you with words that this is the best deck for cardistry, we want to give you one to experience for yourself.
  5. We’re hoping to win you over.
    We’re hoping that you love what you see so much that you’ll want more than one deck. Yeap we’re sneakily hoping that you’ll buy more decks, get our latest tutorials, and maybe even purchase an uncut sheet.

Is there a catch?

Nope, just bear in mind that this 5-day giveaway is limited to one free deck per person.

So to manage this, our system will be tracking orders, using data such as shipping addresses, PayPal accounts and names to verify this. If it notices anyone trying to game the system, that entire order will be made void with no refund, and the buyer permanently blacklisted. (We think it’s only fair to everybody as well as ourselves.)

So will everybody get a deck for free?

Well, yes and no.

We’ll only be running this giveaway for 5 days, or while stocks last. So if you want to get your hands on a deck, it’ll be a game of fastest finger first. But don’t worry, there’ll be a countdown timer on the page so you’ll know exactly how much time you have before the giveaway is over.

To make matters a little trickier, after our video Air Time went viral, over 20,000 people showed interest in the new SS15 Virtuoso deck. The problem is, we have a lot less than 20,000 decks available for sale.

And well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that our crazy giveaway reduces the number of decks even further. So if you’d like to get your hands on the SS15 Virtuoso decks on launch day, your best bet will be to join the Early Bird list below.

EarlyBird4Why you should join the Early Bird list

If you’re on the The Early Bird list, doors to the launch will swing open a few hours early for you, which will maximise your chances of getting a SS15 Virtuoso deck. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll manage to get a deck, it’s the best solution we’ve have right now. You’ll also receive important and time-sensitive updates via email. This is crucial, because the last time we had a Virtuoso deck available for sale was more than 6 months ago, and we don’t want you to end up like the thousands of people who missed out because they were a little late. So to avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend that you click the button above and join the Early Bird list.


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