Virtuoso Launch Edition Playing Cards – Epic

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To commemorate the upcoming official launch of the Virtuoso deck, we headed to the studio to create a brand new wallpaper series for you. Embodying the form of a modern and minimalist magazine spread, this series encapsulates some of the most iconic elements of the Virtuoso deck — the first and only deck designed for the art of card flourishing. The first in this wallpaper series, Epic, captures the magnifying qualities of the Virtuoso deck’s Adaptive Aesthetics.

Most decks have intricate back designs that get smaller as a card flourish gets bigger. On the other hand, the Adaptive Aesthetics of the Virtuoso deck feature a magnifying arrangement of shapes and lines that connect to form a larger, more powerful picture. This way, the smallest flourishes you do look incredibly visual from across the room, and the biggest ones become truly epic.

Epic is made available to you in four high resolution formats. Simply click on the desired format to view the file and then save the image:

or just download ALL the wallpapers!

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IMPORTANT: The Launch Edition Virtuoso deck will be officially released in mid-August. As most of the decks were snapped up during pre-orders last Christmas, only a very small number these limited edition decks are still available. Don’t miss this last chance to own it!