What’s the best deck for cardistry?

UPDATE: We’ve just unveiled the price, the launch date, the free bonus tutorials, and all the new features of the Spring/Summer ’14 Virtuoso deck! Check it out!

What’s the best deck for Cardistry? Well, our latest video holds the answer… and we’re pretty sure it’s not the answer you’re expecting. :)

IMPORTANT: Due to an unforeseen event that occurred a few months back (which I talk more about below), we now have less than half of all our decks left. If you’d like early access to the remaining decks on launch day, do join the Early Bird list. You’ll also get important email updates from us. :)

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In just a matter of days, we’ll be launching the only deck we consider to be better than the Launch Edition Virtuoso deck — the brand new Spring/Summer 2014 Virtuoso deck. Of course, you might be thinking… 

What makes this better than the Launch Edition Virtuoso deck? Did you guys just change the color?

Well, there’s actually a lot more to it than that. I promise to go into all the details later, but for now, we believe that the proof lies in this “secret operation” we conducted.

The Private Customer-only Launch (or so we thought)

A few months back, we held a private launch of the Spring/Summer 2014 Virtuoso deck, making it available only for existing customers of the Launch Edition Virtuoso Deck to purchase. We then asked them what they thought of the new deck, and anxiously waited for their replies. The results? Well, if you thought this massive collection of customer reviews of the Launch Edition Virtuoso deck was impressive… Here’s what the same group of customers had to say about the new deck:

I just got my Virtuoso Spring/Summer 2014 decks and they are awesome! Especially 
the u**** t*** b******! It has overtaken the Launch Edition Virtuoso deck and has officially become my favourite deck!

– Judah Deva  

When I bought your Launch Edition earlier in the autumn I was very impressed, but this… the Spring/Summer 2014 edition, it’s almost ridiculous. You guys have done an Awesome job with the deck… By far my favourite deck of all time!

– Sebastian Ahlström  

Today I received my 12 Virtuoso Spring/Summer 2014 decks! When you announced the new edition decks I wondered – how the hell it is possible to make second edition of the Virtuoso v1 deck without screwing up. But then you did the impossible! You guys have done an Awesome job with the deck!

- Miroslav Trifonov  

I am not satisfied with these cards. I am BEYOND satisfied. You guys truly did outdo yourselves. These cards are utterly superb; I have bought hundreds of decks of cards, yet none are as amazing as yours. Both the design and feel of these are flawless and I am proud to say I have found my personal favorite deck of cards. The world of flourishing is lucky to be able to have the Virtuoso Spring/Summer 2014 edition in their hands. I can’t explain how happy I am to receive these.

– Penelope Ulloa

As you would imagine, we were thrilled.

But there was one huge problem that we did not anticipate.

We did not expect the decks to run out so quickly. In fact, some customers loved the decks so much more that they started making repeat orders the moment they got them. Then, word about the new deck leaked to wholesalers, who emailed us demanding to purchase the deck for their shops. This put us in a really difficult situation.

You see, we deeply treasure the relationships we get to build with every wholesaler. Many of them care about the art like you and I, and play an essential role in making our decks locally available to thousands of cardists around the world. Regardless, we promised our customers that the launch was solely for them. So, we politely refused every single wholesale offer… and then the unthinkable happened.

Some wholesalers managed to get hold of the private link, and started purchasing the deck in BULK from our shopping cart at FULL RETAIL PRICE. Then, almost as soon as they received their orders, they started buying in bulk again because the decks were completely sold out in their stores. We almost couldn’t believe what was happening. (But this explains why you’ve probably already seen the deck on Facebook and the like.)

And it didn’t stop there. The “private” link continued to spread, and despite our best efforts to control the situation… We now have less than half of all our decks left. Yes, our *brilliant* plan to do a low-key private launch completely backfired… And now we’re in a really tricky situation for the official launch happening soon.

So here’s how we’re making it up to you.

We’ve opened up a small Early Bird List here for you to secure your decks. Simply click the button now to join the list, and we will set aside some decks for you on launch day. You’ll also receive time-sensitive updates about the launch. Join the Early Bird List!

Within the new few days, I’ll be announcing exactly when the new deck launches, and will also share more about the awesome new features of the Spring/Summer 2014 Virtuoso Deck with you. For now, hop onto the early bird list, and keep an eye out for our next update!

IMPORTANT: I strongly recommend that you join the Early Bird list before all the spots fill up. The Spring/Summer 2014 Virtuoso Deck is a seasonal limited edition deck that will ONLY be available till the end of summer 2014 (September). Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. With the Launch Edition Virtuoso Deck now going on eBay for $50… You can only imagine how much more this new deck will end up selling for. Click here to join the early bird list now.

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